Fueled by coffee, driven by innovation.
Senior higher ed admin by day, Ph.D. candidate by night.

The Person

A mother, a wife, community builder, and artist. As extroverted as they come. Coffee, ski/sail, art, study, wine, repeat.

The Student

What some refer to as an education junkie, currently working on a Ph.D. in economic geography & place branding at Queen's University.

The Strategist

A senior higher education administrator by day with roots in entrepreneurship & tourism. An author with mad powerpoint skills.

The Teacher

Close to 20 years post-secondary teaching experience, bringing the real-world into the classroom and real-students to the world.

From paint-stained clothes to 
high heels and a briefcase.


A marketing communications executive working in higher education. A tireless community builder - at home, at work and in the neighbourhood. A person that loves to tackle crazy, complex problems - especially ones with unbelievable - undo-able timelines. A lifelong learner - but who isn't really a lifelong learner in advertising?

And other things you may not know about me include rock climbing, painting with beeswax, and a book that made me somewhat famous in the trucking industry.