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Bricks and mortar seems like a concept of the past. But if we look around we can spot the resilient. We can spot those that make up our community. We can spot those that mean the world to us. Even in a snowstorm.


Encaustic (beeswax).

Bricks and Mortar

  • Encaustic is one of the oldest forms of painting. People often think it will melt. It will only melt if you get it very, very hot. Think of candle wax and it only melts when touching an actual flame but sunny windows aren't typically an issue. To keep it dust free, and clear the natural 'fog' that develops over time for the first year or so, simply take a clean cotton cloth and buff the entire painting - a quick 20 seconds is all it should take, do not use any cleaning chemicals.

  • Height: 8 Inches; Width: 8 Inches; Depth: 1 Inch

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