Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Mar 23
    Mar 23, 6:00 PM – 6:40 PM MDT
    Higher education institutions and cities are both co-created and co-reliant brands. Come learn more about this symbiotic and possibly mutualistic relationship.
  • Apr 06, 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM MDT
    This is not a workshop! Is a city brand dependant on or is a built-in response to a crisis to- or stem from - media sensationalization of a crisis? If so, what will our city-brands look like post-COVID? Come chat about it.
  • Mon, Apr 26
    Apr 26, 9:00 AM – Apr 28, 1:00 PM
    Institutional brand and reputation are no longer the sole responsibility of any single team - the entire campus has a role to play. So how do you make sure everyone is singing from the same song sheet?
  • May 05, 8:00 AM – May 06, 12:00 PM
    Politics, Persuasion, Personas, and Pennies are the key to success in writing a killer marketing and recruitment plan in higher ed.
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