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I am definitely a curious blend of many things. Many, many hours a day are spent working - not because I have to, but because I still love what I do - really, I love what I do. But when I want to have down time, I dive into that too - so I hide out where my cell phone doesn't work well - on sailboats, ski hills or in the woods.


I am known for my creative approach to marketing; starting with a resume I printed on the side of a coffee cup which led to my first marketing job at an international hotel chain. In 2001, I started Market Me, Kingston's first web marketing agency. As Market Me was growing, and I was settling into my new city, I sought out organizations in the community that I felt passionate about. I became involved in the Kingston Chamber of Commerce and JCI Kingston (the Junior Chamber of Commerce) to name just two. Since 2001 I have sat on over 15 boards for local and national organizations.

Just after my son was born I co-authored a business book called Trucker Management: Driving ANY Small Business to Success. The book offers easy-to-implement routines and provides specific, practical tools to help small business owners "drive" their businesses towards success. These resources are modelled from the long-established tools and proven practices used by truckers to safely and effectively drive their rigs to their destinations. Our book has taken us to Scotland, Ireland, Turkey, British Columbia, and throughout the US; to give keynote presentations and workshops on small business management.

My business style, profile and connections led to a very dynamic and successful position with the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) during a major transition for the organization. Working first as a business consultant then as the Manager of Small Business I lead the Centre to the top-performing Centre across the province in less than 1 year. We offered more consultations, more workshops and showed a higher economic impact than any other Centre. During that time I managed a large team within the organization and balanced challenging stakeholder relationships.


For sixteen years, I taught business strategy, marketing and digital advertising at several post-secondary institutions including Queen's University, St. Lawrence College, Laurentian University, Loyalist College, Sir Sanford Fleming, Brock University, University of Glasgow and the Royal Military College. I thrive on using applied learning strategies in my classrooms and most importantly getting my students out of the classroom and into the real world as much as possible.

I completed my Masters of Business Administration from Cape Breton University, with a concentration on community economic development and marketing. My final applied research project was labour market development through alternative modes of delivery in Higher Education. Read the research project findings >>>

I am currently putting all of my post-secondary education and marketing experience together as the  Associate Vice-President Marketing at SAIT. And most recently became a PhD candidate in Economic Geography at Queen's University.

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marketing, promotion, advertising, social media, web marketing, entrepreneurship, community development, training, management, education, higher education, market research, media buying, digital communications, communication management

"When I hear the words web marketing, I immediately think of Lindsey, a dynamic and creative force who has made a  name for herself as an outstanding marketing expert and community builder. I've been doing business with Lindsey for more than a decade and she never fails to deliver - spectacularly."
Frank Armstrong, Journalist and Professor

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